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Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Fishing ReportNovember 2009

Newport Fishing Report Nov. 1st

Hello Anglers. If you happened to take a drive around the Ocean Drive last week you undoubtedly noticed a vast fishing fleet of small boats. If you were wondering what that was all about, i can enlghten you. It is Fishermans Christmas. This was the term used by  the old sea dogs from this island to refer to fall fishing. It is the time of year when the fish migration is in full swing and this provides alert anglers to wonderful possibilities. Feeding frenzies are common with many species. now it is peak tautog season . Anyone who has tasted the white sweet  creamy texture of this species will understand why anglers are so hooked.(NPI) Tautog is served only  in the finer restaurants in town, like Flukes Wine Bar, Scales or  Castle Hill to mention a few. When this species hits the menu, stocks of this succulent fish are often depleted in a few days. So  dont miss the opportunity of  Restaurant Week to take  get a taste of Tautog while it lasts.

This past week proved some of the absolute best fishing this season. On virtually every trip this week our guests limited out on Tautog or at least came close. On each trip we returned to the dock with three or more species. Just ask Henry Spingler, John Callaghan, Arron Lloyd or Jeff Moniz..While Tautog fishing, Henry was retrieving his hook to be rebaited when a bass crashed what was left of his crab. The bass had followed the crab upward from the depths and hit close to the surface. The impact of this hit surprized Henry and his arms strained to hold on to the rod..  The stiff pole arched over as Henry was pulled back and forth. The run was nearly 80yds . Henry, An accomplished sailor, is no stranger to angling as he has fished with some of those old sea dogs I mentioned earlier.  When the struggle was over, Henry was rewarded with a 47 inch bass of nearly 40 pounds.  Arron Lloyd wanted some of that action so he tossed out fresh bait and waited while the rest of our crew continued to slam tautog to 9 pounds. Arron hooked into a bass, a reel screamer..(NPI) After what seemed like  a half hour, Arrons fish surfaced and a 47 inch Chesapeake Bay Striped bass rolled on the surfaced. After several clumsy attempts, I managed to get this cow into the net.  Shortly afer that battle we had reached our quota (legal limit) so we headed for the dock. The crew had enjoyed a banner day with 4 species of fish including Black SEa Bass and several ledgemonsters, Tautog and Striped Bass.

Often golfers ask us, what is the lure of Angling?(NPI) . Angling, with its rich  history stretches back 9000 years, it is an ancient art. It provides anyone who tosses out a hook onto the water an opportunity for adventure. It is, in its essence, a hunt for those who venture out onto  the sea .Often, the dangers may be  great, but the reward  greater. The successful angler is rewarded  with the  immediate gratification in the prize of the catch and the wonderful meal that  will be shared. It is, simply,  food gathering. This is a primal instinct  that has been awakened in  anglers . It is anglers raison detre.And  It is the reason for our survival and success as a species. So there you have it, golfers, Finally an answer.     

All the best and Tight lines.. Capt. Tim


    JULY 2007                


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